Saturday, July 5, 2014

Apostles Team Takes on Europe!

We realize we've set the bar pretty high for future trips...a quick detour of Europe, complete with hot showers and free hotel rooms, not to mention the Belgium vs. Argentina World Cup game in Belgium's main square. The national excitement is contagious to say the least!

We're huge Belgium fans all of a sudden!
But in all honesty, after traveling for 30 hours straight and realizing that our perfectly laid travel plans had been thrown out the window around hour 2, the team has certainly begun to feel some exhaustion. The initial delay and then plane malfunction at RDU did cause us to miss our connection in DC, and subsequently changed the rest of the trip quite dramatically. However, we have seen the Lord testing us with patience and trust along the way as He has provided in each situation (new travel plans in RDU, DC and Brussels) and has literally shown us the way, one step at a time. 

Our prayers have been with teammate Carrie Alspaugh who has been in Rwanda this past week visiting and working with her dear friend, Louise King. And also with teammate Lee Garrett, who left on a different flight and made great timing following the original itinerary.

Amidst all the shuffling, we have frantically tried to communicate with our dear friends in Rwanda to let them know that Lee would be arriving at the designated time, but that the rest of the team would not be arriving until Sunday. Well, maybe half of that got lost in translation, but we do have word that Lee successfully caught a ride from the airport and will be getting the Hallelujah House all set up for the rest of the team :) Carrie and the rest of the team will join him tomorrow evening! Now does that mean that Lee will be preaching tomorrow morning? We're not sure yet...guess we'll have to wait and see! Love to you all!

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