Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

Healthy body, healthy soul – this is one of the main goals in the Shyogwe diocese.  It is encouraging to see how our brothers and sisters in Christ here are carrying out holistic ministry and seeking to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in a variety of ways.  This morning Bishop Jared took our group around to various projects in the diocese at Zion Hill including the pineapple processing plant, the Mother’s Union, the RDIS for rural development.  The church has been very influential and when they were able to get a water pump and electricity in the Zion Hill area, people starting moving to the area and building homes.  The government has come to them and said “How can we partner with you and use your resources?”  Bishop Jared is a man of great vision and godly leadership and a compassionate caring heart, and he wants to share with those around the area in whatever ways the church can. 

This afternoon we visited a few different projects in the Hanika parish of the Shyogwe diocese.  As we arrived in the van, kids were coming out of homes and saying  “Muzungu!” (white person).   We met with women in the Mother’s Union there and listened to the pastor of the parish share about the work of the group and the impact that Christ is having in the lives of the women.  It was encouraging to hear one woman share about the powerful healing work of Christ in her marriage and family.  These women pray for, care for, and take care of each other so well – it is such a godly example to us.  We also got to dance with the women in worship as they celebrated and thanked God for His provision and the work that He has done in their lives. 

This was a full day, and I am so glad we are in partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ here.  We are seeing and hearing about the gospel lived out in their lives and ministry and I thank God for them.  Praise be to God – Imana ishimwe


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