Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The One and Only

Saturday July 5th and Sunday July 6th

As the only one to arrive in Kigali on schedule, it is left to me write the first blog entry.  Cary is already in Rwanda but after the events of the trip has decided to spend an extra day with her friend in Northern Rwanda.  Teresa, Jim, Hilliary, Curt, Sue and Eric’s plane from Raleigh was initially delayed, and then after it took off had to return to Raleigh due to a loss of cabin pressure. They have made alternate reservations and are currently in Brussels and will fly to Amsterdam on this morning, and then to Rwanda, arriving this evening. Eric on the other hand has passport problems and will have to remain in Brussels until those problems can be straightened out.

I arrived in Kigali on schedule but with no one to meet me, since they were expecting all of us this evening. By God’s providence, Pastor Jean Pierre was meeting a group from Holland that came in on the same plane as me. Through the help of Eugenie, Teresa had given me her phone number before I left, I was able to meet up with Pastor Jean Pierre and come to the Shyogwe Diocese Guest House.

This morning since all the plans for Sunday were cancelled, I went with Bishop Jered to a service honoring the history of St Peter’s College in Shyogwe. This is a post secondary private college run by the Diocese, where students qualify for certificates in accounting, computers, construction or agriculture. It is truly faith based and academically rigid. The students attending did not have high enough scores to enter the university, but after attending St. Peters a large percentage of they do.

The Service was attended by a large number of past students, and past headmasters. Pastor Prosper our host is a past headmaster. It consisted of a morning worship service and was follow by multiple speeches honoring the achievements of the College. Bishop Jared delivered a sermon on changing circumstances and made me speak during the introduction of guests.  The afternoon session was a celebration with native and contemporary dances between the speeches. In all honesty I was having trouble staying awake by the end of the afternoon.  

The remainder of the group comes in a couple of hours, I’m sure that they will have many stories to tell. It is clear that God has a plan and a sense of humor. Please pray for the team and for safe travels. 

Imana Ishimwe.

God be praised.

Lee Garrett

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